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Palestinian Suppliers

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St George's Bazaar – proprietor Ibrahim Abu Rakbeh
Situated opposite the entrance to St George’s Anglican Cathedral in East Jerusalem. Ibrahim’s olive wood carving suppliers are craftsmen from across the Bethlehem area. He also supplies Merian Derwent with some traditional Palestinian pottery.

Ibrahim Jaber
Provides olive wood carving direct from Bethlehem, where he is supplied by a variety of craftsmen. This year's Merian Derwent 'featured manger scene' comes via Ibrahim, from a family he took me to visit in February. Ibrahim’s is a tour guide, when there is work available, his wife is a teacher.

Ibrahim Bader
Based with a shop in the Old City of Jerusalem and acts as agent to bring supplies from Tamimi Ceramics in Hebron. They also supply glass decorated in Gaza and the unique Hebron glass from the Al Saleh factory.

The Arab Women's Union in Bethlehem
BAWU produce vivid and painstaking traditional cross stitch needlework. Their centre on Star Street (2 minutes from Manger Square) also houses a traditional home / museum as it would have been 60 or more years ago. The centre is well worth a visit to stock up on light weight presents to bring home from your special visit.

Based in Beit Sahour supplies some of the smaller and often more original olive wood carving and mother of pearl boxes. A centre focusing for some years now on the rehabilitation of the disabled (from birth or through injury) the YMCA is a longstanding Christian Aid partner.

Situated in East Jerusalem provides the delightful glove or hand puppets – boy and girl, mother and father, old man and old woman. These are great fun for infant schools or Sunday school children to play with, or for leaders to tell Bible stories with.

Palestinian Ceramics

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Palestinian Ceramics are supplied through Ibrahim Bader, who acts as agent  with Tamimi Ceramics. I was able to visit the factory in Hebron in February 2008, and it was good to be able to see the ceramics being created. For the most part the black lines of any design are printed on to the piece, then the artists apply the blue, or other colours, before firing. apart from a huge range of regular items produced there are also some limited editions to celebrate particular events, which are much more expensive. Items are produced specifically for the Jewish Israeli market as well as for general sales in Jerusalem or to the rest of the West Bank.





Craft suppliers

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