• Craft products from South Africa and Jamaica are produced by people living with HIV/AIDS

    The craft products from South Africa and Jamaica are produced by people living with HIV/AIDS, purchasing these products from the Merian Derwent shop, supports individuals and families by providing them with much needed income.


  • Our Shop Stocks over 100 Craft Products!

    The Merian Derwent shop stocks over 100 craft products from Palestinian artisans and other international craft suppliers!


  • Your purchases help to support Palestinian families

    By making a purchase from the Merian Derwent shop, you are supporting Palestinian families, providing them with much needed income.



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Interview with Nasser Abufarha

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Last Updated (Friday, 29 August 2008 19:14) Written by Merian Derwent Contributor Thursday, 21 August 2008 17:59

The TH Interview: Nasser Abufarha of Canaan Fair Trade and the Palestinian Fair Trade Association by Leonora Oppenheim, London, UK on 05.7.07  TH EXCLUSIVES
I found myself ridiculously busy selling Kallari organic chocolate at The Green Festival in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, but whilst on a rare break I took the opportunity to wander over to the Canaan Fair Trade booth to have a nice chat with Nasser Abufarha about his views on organics and Fair Trade. You might think that Canaan Fair Trade selling olive oil from Palestine and Kallari selling organic chocolate from the Ecuadorian Amazon are worlds apart, and you'd be right, but they are also united in their mission to help local people earn a sustainable income from their native produce. 

Read more: Interview with Nasser Abufarha


Merian Derwent online

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Last Updated (Monday, 15 September 2008 12:41) Written by John Logan Thursday, 21 August 2008 17:15

Welcome to this site, the purpose of which is to encourage prayerful support of ordinary Palestinian people in the dire situation they endure, living under 40+ years of illegal Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In particular the focus is on the Palestinian Christian community, especially in and around Jerusalem and Bethlehem, where many of them live, and try to eke out a living through carving olive wood and doing beautiful cross stitch needlework, intended for the tourist industry, severely restricted as this is in the current circumstances.
These crafts, along with Hebron ceramics and glass, are key to the livelihoods of thousands of families and so the health, education and well being of whole communities. This site gives an excellent opportunity for you to support them by buying from a wide selection of crafts.

We hope you will take some time to browse the site and in particular:

•  To pray for those in difficult circumstances
•  To learn more of the background to the situation
•  To use the links to visit other organisations’ sites
•  To read some stories and poetry about the situation
•  To buy the craft work which supports many families

We hope that you will want to tell others about the site and encourage them to visit too. There are a few 'Special Offers' available through the autumn, which we hope will encourage the word to get around quickly!

Also in the shop are some crafts from other parts of the world - South Africa and Jamaica, where they are the products of those living with HIV/AIDS, through projects run by Christian Aid partners Wola Nani and Jamaica AIDS Support for Life.