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About Hebron Glass and other Glassware for sale

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On visiting the Tamimi Ceramics factory in February 2008, I found I had been under a misapprehension about the Palestinian glass/glassware I had been selling. I now need to clarify the situation for any new customers, and if possible former customers who have bought from me at Greenbelt or any other events.

1. Glass of a solid blue, green, turquoise, brown or clear nature, including the Christmas tree decorations, are of traditional Hebron Glass. These items are produced by the Al-Salam factory in the city of Hebron.

2. Glassware of a decorative nature (plates, glasses, vases, candlesticks) is imported German glass, which is clear on receipt, initially given a mat finish and then decorated in a variety of colours and patterns by Palestinian craftsmen. (It is unwise to put this glass in a dishwasher!) This has been done in the Gaza Strip, but the factory there is currently closed because they cannot get materials in or out, due to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. My suppliers have some 6,000 items waiting in a warehouse there, but cannot get hold of them. They are considering setting up their own factory, but that would only isolate the Gazans more and leave them without a market when the siege is lifted. You might like to write to Tony Blair about this issue as he is supposed to be concerned about the Palestinian economy!

3. Tamimi Ceramics, whose products I sell, have only acted as agents for the two sources of glass I sell.

I hope this clarifies the situation and that you will correct any misinformation you have received from me in the past, as you are able.   

Once again, my sincere apologies for misleading so many of you for so long! I can only plead that I am doing all I can now to correct the error, as soon as I have discovered it, and I trust that is sufficient.